Types of domestic cats


This kind of famous cats and long thick hair

Mood moderate and non-aggressive

Hair must be continuously refined to ensure that his bloc

Small nose, broad and prominent facial

Eyes wide and which is out of Asaliya Shirazi

Foot short and broad cease and full of body

Front broad and insights focused

The following forms and prices (in Egypt) about

Bheki White Face

Large 250 to 400 pounds
Small 400 to 550 pounds

Depending on the purity of lineage, beauty General

× white gray

Large 200 to 350 pounds
Small 300 to 500 pounds

White × Moshmoshy

The same applies to White in the gray


The same applies to white gray ×


Large 200 to 350 pounds
Small 250 to 400 pounds


Large 200 to 300 pounds
Small 250 to 350 pounds